Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Walk 7: Quenington, The Keepers Arms

The Keepers Arms in Quenington was the starting point for our walk.

Much of the walk was along the scenic River Coln.
Not confident of the route, the wind pump was a sure sign we were in the right place.

Pond in a field, sign of recent flooding. Poor cows!

Flower border, so colorful.
Two step stile, my favorite kind of stile.
More beautiful views.

Wild swans!
Church in Coln St. Aldwyn

Upper Mill on the River Coln

Walk leader stops for a photo.


  1. Lovely pics, Kathy. I think the villages along the Coln are some of the prettiest and most unspoilt in the Cotswolds.

  2. Thanks Steve, I use my iphone so am quite limited, but you are right, it is a beautiful area. Thanks for viewing!


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