Sunday, 8 July 2012

Into the House

Three weeks ago,  we moved into our house. Loaner furniture was delivered ( table, 4 chairs, sofa, chair, 2 tables, lamp,  and bed).  For two weeks we camped out with things we had sent ahead, wineglasses  (of course), one pot, one pan, and various utensils.  We also sent sheets and towels. Camping was fun at first, but soon got old. And we were anxious for our household shipment to be delivered. We took turns calling the base to inquire about the expected delivery date to no avail, it was still on target for July 6. Would we make it? Did we have a choice? Just when we least expected it we got the call, (or email rather) that the shipment was here and ready to be delivered. Would we be available to except  delivery on Friday? Would we ever!   

 Crates we delivered on Friday 29 June, and the movers took only 3 1/2 hours to unload 11 crates and put together furniture. I know you are all anxiously awaiting to hear how the motorcycle did in the voyage, and I am happy to report that it made it just fine!

2 July:  So, here it is exactly one week later, and while pictures haven't been hung, all boxes have been unpacked. No real damage other than two broken martini glasses (probably shouldn't be drinking those anyway) and three other wine glasses. There was also a dent in the ole' brass bed. Our dresser and chest of drawers didn't make it up the stairs, (due to a funny turn at the bottom of the stairway) and must be put in storage, very unfortunate.  Good news though, our bedroom is fitted with some built in cabinets.

Our neighbors, Paul and Debbie, had us for dinner the night of the move, we were so grateful for their kindness. We had a very relaxing evening.  They have two children in their twenties so we have something in common!

The house is new construction, as apposed to Edwardian or Regency we expected, but it is very comfortable and nicely appointed so we are lucky and thankful to be living here. The neighbors are very helpful and friendly, local pubs are great, shops are nice, and the library is terrific, what more could I ask for?
I can walk or bike to any shop I need or Cheltenham Town Center which is a short drive. I have been driving regularly with no wrinkles! I visited a local nursery and put some flowers out front and herbs in the back. It is starting to feel  like home.


  1. Hey Kathy. Good to see you back posting. Is your Internet up yet, Emily told us on the 4th that British telecom companies are even worse than Verizon ! Hard to believe. Tell Andrew that Bernie's mom passed away, Cristina Manelli. Huge obit in the Sun. He should check it out online.
    Is this the same house you looked at first? Post some inside photos soon. Have fun. Talk to you soon

  2. Your house is beautiful - congrats! Love what you planted. Now we need to see the inside...

  3. I love your "back porch." So lovely. I'm glad everything is going well.

  4. please come to see it for yourself!!

  5. Where will you put the chickens? :-) --Katie

  6. No room for chickens:(. Must go to farm park to get my fix!


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