Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hidcote Gardens

Hidcote Gardens

Also on the great BBC, was a program about an American named Lawrence Johnson who came England  with his mother in 1910. He became a British citizen, went to war and when he returned, built the most amazing gardens.  It is 50 acres of every type of garden you can imagine and is located about 30 minutes from us near a village called Broadway.  Andrew had the day off so we took a ride over to see it. 

From wikipedia:  "Lawrence Johnston was influenced in creating his garden at Hidcote by the work of Alfred Parsons and Gertrude Jekyll, who were designing gardens of hardy plants contained within sequences of outdoor "rooms".

Hidcote's outdoor "rooms" have various characters and themes, achieved by the use of box hedges, hornbeam and yew, and stone walls.

Meadow Garden

These rooms, such as the 'White Garden' and 'Fuchsia Garden' are linked, some by vistas, and furnished with topiaries. Some have ponds and fountains, and all are planted with flowers in bedding schemes.

Fuchsia Garden

They surround the 17th century manor house, and there are a number of outhouses and a kitchen garden."

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  1. You are soooo lucky to have this gorgeous garden so close by. I have just come across your blog by accident as I was googling Hidcote after watching a DVD today.
    Unfortunately here in Australia we cannot have such lush green pretty gardens.
    Also I cannot get enough of watching Alan Titchmarsh's "Gardening Secrets" DVD it is also superb. The gardens at Stowe must be remarkable now that they have been restored together with the House.
    Your blog is very interesting and the photos are magnificent.
    Irene Mulcahy.


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