Saturday, 2 June 2012

Visits to Our Favorite Cotswold Villages

So, we enjoyed our trip to the base last week so much, we decided to rent a car and visit some of our favorite spots in the Cotswolds.

Friday we took a drive .past our old house in Station Road in Woodmancote (near Cleeve Hill), to Gretton,  and Greet, and through Winchcombe, and past Hales Abbey and Sudley Castle, Stanway, to a little village called Ford, and a pub called the Plough Inn, a favorite of ours from our last tour. It was a beautiful afternoon, clear and warm.  The rustic pub was just we remembered it, soo cozy. There is a large stone fireplace in one room and a great garden with a for eating outside. Our server came from Australia, just a few days ago, was just delightful.

We have had the most wonderful weather since we have been here. Hot, sunny during the day, cool and clear at night.

Map of the Cotswold Way

  Most of these villages are on the Cotswold Way. This is walking trail from Bath to Chipping Campden, a little over 100 miles in all. It is about 4-7 miles between villages perfect for an overnight. We are hoping to hike the Cotswold Way while we are here.

Our drive home took us through more villages. The lanes are very narrow, room for only one car at a time.  There are lay-bys where one can pull over if another car approaches, which you pray doesn't happen!
The lanes are beautiful with stone walls lining them and field of either grazing sheep or rapeseed (which is in bloom now). We ran into lots of pheasant, (not literally!) too.

Fields of Rapeseed


  1. I remember seeing fields of rapeseed on the Isle of Wight, very striking! I also remember having a pint with you at The Pliugh Inn

  2. I always loved the fields of rapeseed. Brings back memories!!

  3. ahhh, you bring back so many pleasant memories!


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