Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Torch, Chores and More

The Olympic Torch event on Wednesday night was very exciting, lots of build up, and it was over in 45 seconds. Our torch bearer was a young lady name Lydia, who was a ballet dancer. She danced a large portion of her route. I have a short video,that needs some work before posting.

We went to the base (RAF Croughton about an 11/2 hours away) to get our military IDs and shop at the base PX, class 6, and commissary, open bank accounts etc. Having been in Wiesbaden where there is a huge base exchange, this could only be described as tiny. Commissary was tiny, BX tinier (is that a word?). Can't imagine what we would need to go there for in the future, but we had to make this trip, it was a chore that had to be done. It WAS really great to get out of the city. Thanks to our sponsors Adele and Justin for taking us, so we could check that box. 

 Views of the countryside.

Sheep in the Cotswolds

Church in Stanway

We enjoyed the ride so much, we decided to rent a car for the weekend and really spend some quality time in the countryside. More on that in a later post. 

Friday, we got to finally got to go house hunting with Jo, the housing officer. She had 5 properties for us to see. 

Most were small townhouses, in new estates, not what we were looking for. The 4th property was detached house (not a town house) and was really nice, with a very big kitchen, pretty little garden, great views, and a huge master suite.  It is not exactly what we were looking for, but it is immaculately clean and bright with lots of windows. It is located in a very nice part of town across the street from a green, very quiet, yet an easy bike ride to shops. I think we can be happy there and the best part is, there is PLENTY of room for guests.


  1. Liking the blog, keep up the good work. You seem to be settling in nicely and having lots of fun exploring. Pictures of the house look great, we'll send our reservation request in soon!
    Cheers right back at ya'

  2. Scott says that the house is kind of "vanilla." Love the kitchen though! Can't wait to see my new home away from home! Xoxo


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