Monday, 4 June 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Monday was Memorial Day so Andrew was off. We had a nice breakfast at Cafe Rouge and then took a long walk to the Pittville Pump Room. There is large park with a pond, playground, birdcages, and lots of paths.  We used to take the kids there to play.

Cheltenham rose to fame as a spa town, after it was visited by King George III and Queen Charlotte when mineral waters were discovered at this site. After a few years, a local landowner Joseph Pitt constructed the Pittville Pump Room which served as the largest spa building of the town. Built on the lines of a Greek temple, this archaic edifice houses the original pump comprising marble and scagliola . The stunning Regency architecture of the building, along with its tastefully decorated interiors makes it a pride of the town. The Pittville Pump Room is buzzing with private and corporate events all year round. The Pittville Pump Room is also a venue for the Cheltenham Folk and Music festivals. 

Afternoon tea was something we had yet to do, so when we returned to town, we decided to find a spot of refreshment. 
Huffkins Tea Room is new in Cheltenham but has shops in Stow and Burford in Oxfordshire. We should definitely check it out. 


We had the tea, scones and teas sandwiches, which were delicious. There was ham and cucumber, salmon and avocado, and egg mayonnaise and arugula, enough for 4 people easily. Normally, you don't take home leftovers from restaurants, but they kindly offered to wrap up ours. "No pressure" our kind server told us. Thanks! No dinner for us that night. 

Later in the week, I got together with Jane. She babysat for Emily and Ian when we were here 20 years ago. She is a mum herself now, with 3 little ones. Aiden is 9yrs old, Nathan, is 7 and Emily is 2. Jane and Emily came to visit, we had a great time catching up. Emily is just adorable. Don't you agree?

Next post, Jubilee!!


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