Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Festivities!

Jubliee build up had reached a fever pitch. Fetes, street parties, and tea parties are planned all over England. 

Love this store window with the Queen at the table with all our favorite British personalities.
Locally, in our part of the commonwealth, Montpellier had street fair on Saturday.  We enjoyed looking at the vintage automobiles there were probably 30 in all. That was pretty much it for this fair.

'68 GT 40 Ford
Costume complete

Austin Healy

Aston Martin

Sunday was our first rainy day. Unfortunately, it was also the Queen's Jubilee flotilla down the the Thames.  We decided to celebrate the Jubilee by going out for Sunday lunch. 

We are still walking, (no car yet) so we chose Monty's Brasserie and Bar in the George Hotel, just a short walk away.  They were doing a prix  fix 3 course meal.

Starter was a sampler, gorgeous presentation.

Smoked Salmon, scotch quail eggs, ham terrine, crayfish salad, cheeses and breads, a meal in it self.

The main dish, (Mains) was a duo of lamb, (chop and medallion) with potato mash, spring greens and celeriac puree. Just wonderful.

We knew we were in trouble when we saw the slate come out again, this time with the dessert sampler. We did our best.

Ice cream, strawberry meringue, brownie, rhubarb custard, Bakewell tart, white choco straws.

We both felt we had enjoyed the best meal yet. We spent the rest of the day in front of the telly watching the boats going down the Thames in the comfort of home. No dinner necessary!

Monday was dry but chilly and cloudy. We wanted to get out after spending Sunday indoors. There was a Jubilee Festival in the Suffolk area of Cheltenham, on the Bath Road. It sounded promising with 100 vendors and live music. The streets were closed to traffic, a good thing as they were packed with people. It was a great festival, music was fun, people in the party spirit with hats and costumes.  Food vendors selling paella, falafel's, jacket potatoes with all the toppings, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc cider, beer, Pimms. Lots of shops and crafters had tables selling everything from vintage royal memorabilia, plants, fresh veggies, jewelry.


The Jubilee concert was on the telly, and was great fun. The highlight was a terrific light show reflected on Buckingham Palace.


  1. Just finished the newest biography on the Queen in honor of her Jubilee! Jeremy enjoyed his four day weekend as well :)

  2. How was the bio? I may add it to my list.


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