Saturday, 19 May 2012

Welcome to Cheltenham


We arrived yesterday Friday May 18 around lunchtime. Cheltenham is as beautiful as ever! Our terrific sponsor Adele and her husband Justin, met us at our flat and after freshening up we went out for a delicious lunch at the Tavern, right near the Royal Well bus station a short walk from our flat. At lunch we chatted about where to eat and shop , what kind of phone service to get, and other helpful hints for newcomers. We then went down the High Street to get a mobile phone to use locally. Feeling totally wiped out by this point, Andrew and I headed back to the flat had a cup to tea, emailed and skyped with my parental until,and rested up until dinner.
Adele had made reservations for dinner at an Indian restauran. We were joined by Ken and Ros Fraiser, friends from our previous tours in both England and Germany. It was fun catching up with them after more then 10 yrs! 
Our flat in Lansdwon Terrace Lane is very nice, with a kitchen, living room and spacious bedroom and bath. My favorite thing is the enormous chandelier in the hallway, tres chic!


  1. Thanks for sending me this link to your new blog, Kathy. Love the title and photos. I look forward to following your adventures and learning more about this lovely corner of the world!

  2. You're the fist to comment! Thanks, I hope it isn't too boring!

  3. Wow Kathy! Check you out- blogging! It looks great and I love your pictures. Glad you are settling in and thanks for keeping us abreast on the KP lifestyle. Miss you!

  4. Love it!! More pictures!


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