Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Out and About

 I spent Monday out walking around trying get familiar with my surroundings. I wanted to find some walking trails, and visit the library.
I started off, just walking from the flat, The Mews House,  in new direction. I know enough about the town to find my way back if lost and it is pretty well sign posted. I walked for about 15 minutes and was going over a bridge when I saw below me a trail with runners, walkers and cylclist!! I found what I was looking for! I easily found the trail and started off! If felt really good to walk without stopping for lights and trying to figure out from which direction the traffic was coming. 
So, I am going along at a pretty good clip when I notice that there are no other people around. I see off in the woods on the edge of construction site, a couple of blokes, who noticed me too. Probably harmless, but it made me a tad uncomfortable, so I immediately exited the path and found a busy street and back to Mews House.  

Not sure whether to return to the path at a later point, busier time, or what. What I really need is a walking partner. So, stay tuned. 

Later in the day, I took a walk down the prom to Tourist Information (very helpful), and the library.  The library is a big old building close to the center of town. Inside on the first floor there is an internet cafe, you must register at the desk and leave a library card, with coffee and snack machines, just like home.  What do ya know. Collection seemed small, ficition, nonfiction in one small room. But staff was very friendly, and I found a book on the sale shelf that I have been wanting to read, AS Byatt, The Children's Book. 
Dinner at the Brasserie Blanc was yummy and a great location in the Queens Hotel at the top of the promenade.

Tuesday was another long walk, this time in another direction around the Univ of Glos campus and a little area called Suffolk Square. Lots of cool shops to investigate later. 


Dinner at an Italian spot called Zizzis located in an old church. I must admit it felt a little weird. 

Olympic Torch Relay come to Cheltenham today, look for photos tomorrow.



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  1. Hi Kathy,
    What a great way to see what you are up to. Love it!


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