Sunday, 20 July 2014

Normandy Invasion

We had slow start from Cheltenham. It was chocka block on 417 due to Fairford Air Show and had to take a detour  a bit out of the way but at least we were moving. Made it to the Eurotunnel only to find an hour delay.  Good news though as there is a new Leon's in the terminal!! I've been wanting to eat there for some time. They were only in central London until recently. They specialize in organic, fair trade, healthy fast food. We all enjoyed our all natural fast food and felt so virtuous! Those people in the Burger King line really missed out!! 
Soon we were on our way through the tunnel and in France. Weather was overcast but not raining. Sun made an appearance as we passed Abbeyville and by the time we arrived in Rouen the skies were clear. It is a very easy drive. 
Finally made it to our hotel after negotiating some very narrow streets into the very center of town. We are very near to the cathedral of Notre Dame, sooooo convenient. 

We had a delicious dinner in a creperie, with plenty of cider, a local specialty. The night ended with a light show it was an interpretive telling of the story of Joan of Arc. on the cathedral facade. Fantastique!

We visited Giverny, home of Claude Monet. The gardens and house were just delightful. A dizzying array of color and design. 

We visited the town Marie St Eglise where the 82nd airborne landed by parachute just before the dday invasion. There is is a parachute still ganging from the church steeple. Many private gardens had plaques with the name of the soldier who landed there. This summer was the 60th anniversary. Shop windows were decorated to celebrate. 

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