Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rococo Garden, Snow drop Glory

 An overcast Sunday afternoon and nothing to do. This is snow drop season, a rare winter blooming flower.
Aptly named snowdrop, it resembles a carpet of snow when in full bloom.

Gorgeous snow drops

In the woods the snow drops giving the appearance of a light snowfall from a distance. 

Heleborese, another winter bloomer.
Rococo gardens were most common in Italy and France but their English counterparts sparkled as wealthy owners showed off their new found wealth.

 Painswick House was built in the 1730 as respite from the smog of Gloucester for asthma sufferer Charles Hyett. His son built the gardens in 1748 as a place to party!

Painswick House

There are many interesting aspects that make me want to return in the summer when the garden is in full swing.

Apple and pear trees surround the kitchen garden.

An interesting scarecrow!

A lovely way to spend a cold winter afternoon.

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