Monday, 3 September 2012

Polo in the Park

Waiting for the match to begin!


Polo in the Park

      Guest blogger alert! Hi, it's Emily. On Sunday, my first day here, we went to Cirencester to watch the conclusion of the "Ponting Pot" polo tournament. The Cirencester Park Polo Club is the oldest in England - people have been playing polo on these fields since 1894! We brought a picnic lunch of hummus, pita chips and wine.
Stables at Cirencester

Cirencester Park is part of the Bathurst Estate which dates back to 1695. Today the Estate is about 14,000 acres. The building to the right had stables in the back.
A "lorry" unloading polo ponies

Even though it looked cloudy the rain held off throughout the afternoon. The Ponting Pot tournament was held on the Ivy Lodge polo field, which is located just in front of the club house.
Mosaic (in blue and orange) vs. Coxwell (pink and turquoise)
Mosaic vs. Coxwell

In between chukkas, spectators are encouraged to "stomp the divots" on the polo field. What was originally an immaculate grass field was looking a bit rough by the second chukka! 

Stomping divots
More stomping divots
 This handsome pup was on his best behavior throughout the match.


Future polo players practicing in front of the club house with their foot mallets.

And a Prince Harry sighting!!
Well, sort of.

Stay tuned for later this week when we go hiking, riding, and visit Highclere Castle, a.k.a. Downton Abbey.

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